Anderaz honey €12/kg.

In-house made honey from apiaries located in Tierra Estella, an area with a wide diversity of flowering plants.

Depending on the season, it is possible to get honey from rosemary, thyme, blackberry, oak, holm oak, or heather.

Eztitsu beer, 33cl €2.50

Craft beer made with our honey by Brew&Roll.

Infusions and teas, 10 bag pack €3.62

Organic infusions made bu Josenea Bio

“Gure etxea” heather honey €14.30/kg.

“Gure eztia” bee wax, 150gr. €5.15

“Gure eztia” propolis extract, 31ml. €11.40

Products from Gure eztia Giez-Berri company

Sorgiña’s creme, 50ml. €26

Moisturizing, nutritive, regulating day & night facial cream. Inspired by “sorgiñas” (ancient Basque witches), herbalists and wise people of Navarra.

Queen Apis soap, 50ml. €4.80

Moisturizing and nutritive body soap made from propolis, bee wax, coconut oil, olive oil, cinnamon and aloe vera.

LUNA AZUL COSMETICS is a Navarrese brand which produces natural cosmetics and make-up inspired in different cultures and mythologies of the world, with an eco-friendly approach.

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