You can choose from different kinds of bread made with sourdough by Panes L’Atelier bakery (C/Pintor Crispin (in front of nº 10) Pamplona).

Wheat bread with honey. White wheat, water, sourdough (white wheat & water), honey and salt. Long (18–24 hour) fermentation.

Rye bread. Whole grain rye, water, sourdough (white wheat & water), honey, salt and fresh yeast. Long (18–24 hour) fermentation.

Cocoa bread. White wheat, water, sourdough (white wheat & water), 72% black chocolate drops, 100% cocoa powder, honey and salt. Long (18–24 hour) fermentation.

Milk roll. White wheat, whole cow’s milk, sourdough (white wheat & water), eggs, butter, sugar, honey, salt and yeast. Intermediate (6 hour) fermentation.

Add some honey dressing (olive oil, lemon & honey), some olive oil, olive oil & tomato, or just honey to your toast, or ask for your XL toast with: serrano ham, serrano ham & tomato, hummus, barbecue ham, four cheeses, tuna with mayonnaise & anchovies, goat cheese cream & rocket… etc.

Breakfast toast: €2,5

XL toast: €6


Eztitsu salad with honey dressing

Toast of your choice: serrano ham, serrano ham with tomato, hummus with caramelised peanuts and carrot, goat cheese cream with rocket, tuna with mayonnaise and anchovies, ham with cheese and barbecue sauce and four cheeses...

Cheese board with nuts and honey

Ice cream or cuajada (curdled sheep’s milk) with honey

Eztitsu beer with honey, juice or water


Guided tour + menu: €15/pax


Taste different kinds of honey with your coffee, infusion, toast, cuajada or ice cream.

Organic infusions and teas (Josenea Bio). Pu Erh red tea, earl grey tea, cinnamon black tea, green tea, mint tea, anise-mint-liquorice, anise-chamomile-liquorice, lemon balm-lime-cinnamon, roiboos, berries, ginger citrus, peppermint, chamomile.

Coffees (Cafés templo): black coffee, white coffee (with vegetal or cow’s milk), honey coffee (coffee, milk foam, honey and cinnamon).

Cuajada (curdled sheep’s milk). In-house made from Ultzama valley sheep’s milk.


Craft beer made with our honey by  Brew&Roll  (C/B  Nave 25, Barañáin, Navarra). Ingredients: barley malt, hops, water, yeast and Anderaz honey (5%).

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