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Beekeeping group tour

In this experience you will learn different aspects of bee’s life: where they live, how they work and communicate, and every detail of the honey production process, from the hive to our tables. €4/pax.

Schedule: Saturdays 11.00AM, 13.00PM and 19:00PM. Sundays, 11.00AM and 13.00PM. Please call us for different times.

Beekeeping Eztitsu menu

Eztitsu salad with honey dressing, special toasts (to choose from serrano ham; serrano ham & tomato; hummus, peanut & carrot; ham, tomato & barbecue cheese; four cheeses...), cheese board with honey and nuts, cuajada (curdled sheep’s milk) or ice cream, “Eztitsu” beer with honey, or juice. €12/pax

Guided tour + Eztitsu Menu: €15/pax. (12 people maximum)

Magic transhumance

Attendants will have the opportunity to experience the transhumance process, this is, the transfer of the hives from one apiary to another. This activity includes a dinner. €20/pax. (4 people maximum)

Beekeeping, kinesiology, plants and well-being

In this personalised session we will discover the fascinating vibrational world through the kinesiological test of muscle tone. Once a blocking is spotted, we will analyse whether it is located at a Physical, Chemical, Emotional or Energetic level. All the information collected by the Kinesiological Test will serve to recover balance by means of natural products as honey, pollen, propolis and aromatic plants among others. 45 min. session: €25 


Individual or group sound massage

Attendants will receive and experience the balancing and relaxing effect of several instruments: the seven-metal singing bowls, the gong, the rattlesnake, the shamanic drum, the American native flute, the kigonki, the harmonium, the voice & guitar, mantra chanting, medicinal chanting, etc.

Individual 45 min. session: €45

Group 45 min. session: €10/pax. (4 people minimum)

Group Sound session + Bee product eztitsu menu €20/pax. (4 people minimum)

Yoga & sound

This is an ancient practise that works with the body, breath and mind, seeking for the balance, relax, well-being and body/mind awareness. A journey to our self-truth.

Please call us to arrange a custom session (4 people minimum)

1h. 15min. yoga session: €12/pax

1h. 30min. yoga session + sound session: €15/pax

Yoga session + sound session + Eztitsu menu: €25/pax