Anderaz honey, 1kg.                                                                                           €12

In-house made honey from apiaries located in Tierra Estella, an area with a wide diversity of flowering plants.

Depending on the season, it is possible to get honey from rosemary, thyme, blackberry, oak, holm oak, or heather.

Eztitsu beer, 33cl                                                                                              €2.50

Craft beer made with our honey by Brew&Roll.

Infusions and teas, 10 bag pack                                                                  €3.62

Organic infusions made bu Josenea Bio

Products from Gure eztia Giez-Berri company:

“Gure etxea” heather honey, 1kg.                                                           €14.30 

“Gure eztia” bee wax, 150gr.                                                                        €5.15

“Gure eztia” propolis extract, 31ml.                                                         €11.40

LUNA AZUL COSMETICS is a Navarrese brand which produces natural cosmetics and make-up inspired in different cultures and mythologies of the world, with an eco-friendly approach:

Sorgiña’s creme, 50ml.                                                                                       €26

Moisturizing, nutritive, regulating day & night facial cream. Inspired by “sorgiñas” (ancient Basque witches), herbalists and wise people of Navarra.

Queen Apis soap, 50ml.                                                                                  €4.80

Moisturizing and nutritive body soap made from propolis, bee wax, coconut oil, olive oil, cinnamon and aloe vera.


Water kefir drink                                                                                             €2,65

Prokey water kefir is a delicious and healthy beverage with live microorganisms. It is produced through the fermentation of live water kefir cultures. The result is a slightly carbonated beverage that is low in calories and sugar. Each bottle contains less than 2% sugar.

Cold brew kombucha                                                                                     €2,75

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink obtained from sweetened tea fermented by Medusomyces gisevi (a colony of microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts, which coexist symbiotically) with incredible properties.

Extra virgin olive oil rich in poliphenols, 0,5l.                                          €6,50

Our oil has been obtained directly from olives using mechanical procedures and cold pressing, without filtering and with a careful and brief natural decanting in order to prevent the deterioration of the polyphenols.The polyphenols of the olive tree, such as hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein, help reduce the appearance of various degenerative pathologies.

OLEOHEALTH sensitive cream, 100ml.                                                    €13,20

Moisturising cream good for irritated skin.

OLEOHEATH ateroactive cream, 100ml.                                                  €12,98

Moisturising cream for tired legs and foots.