Honey shop
Interpretation center of beekeeping, beekeeping and health

Discover the amazing world of beekeeping through various experiences: beekeeping handling, harvesting, transhumance, beekeeping and health, beekeeping and vibration. Everything complemented with the tasting and sale of bee products.

Eztitsu is an interpretation center of beekeeping with a holistic vision of the bee world. That is why we offer different beekeeping experiences as: beekeeping guided tours, kinesiology, yoga and sound, tasting of our products. All those experiences may be complemented with a bee product tasting or menu on demand.

In our shop, besides our in-house produced Anderaz honey, you will find other bee products from local farmers as well as our “Eztitsu” beer with honey.

Look for your experience and book it!

  • 657867887 (Txari)
  • 620316175 (Xabi)

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